100 Happy Days: Day 99 – Miracle

Miracle find me now


I used to think
miracles were about being rescued
from difficult situations —
like when you are skipping
down the sidewalk whistling
the tune to your favorite song,
when you turn the corner
and find yourself face to face
with the neighborhood bully.


I believed if you pleaded for miracles too often or
when things weren’t super duper terrible,
it was like crying wolf and
you would be permanently shut off
from miracles forever.


I have a secret to share with you,
now that I am older (and wiser).
When you practice looking just right,
you can see miracles landing
like glitter in front of you
(someone told me it is REAL pixie dust).
The sparkling specks create a path,
just like Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs,
showing you the next step on your journey.


copyright 2014, Heather Maxwell, Create Thrive Grow


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