100 Happy Days: Day 98 – My Friend Fear

When we find the courage to befriend our fear, its frozen grip on us begins to melt

My Friend Fear

I once heard that
Fear lives in a house up the street
where the shades are always pulled shut.
I walk by that house
on the other side of the street
so Fear can’t sneak up behind me
and grab me with its frozen hands.


The other day though
I noticed beautiful flowers growing
all around that house.
I can’t imagine someone
as scary as everyone says Fear is
creating anything so stunning.


Maybe Fear isn’t so terrible after all.
Maybe if I listen to Fear’s stories,
I will learn it is really quite harmless.
Maybe Fear will invite me in for milk and cookies.
Maybe it could teach me to grow gorgeous flowers too.


I think I will go knock on Fear’s door
right now before I get too scared again.


copyright 2014, Heather Maxwell, Create Thrive Grow


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