100 Happy Days: Day 96 – Accessing Calm

Accessing the calm at the center of the storm requires practice

Accessing Calm

Some days are stormy.
Skies are dark.
Rain, sleet or snow falls.


Gentle rain or snow falling can be peaceful.
But add strong winds
and hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards form.
Without skills to protect myself
from the storms,
I risk being blown away or hurt.


Today I remember that
no matter how intense
life’s storms might be,
there is always
a calm, safe haven at my core.


I practice accessing
this quiet, peaceful place every day,
so that I know the path to it
so well that I can always
find my way back there
even when I am blinded
by the storms raging around me.


copyright 2014, Heather Maxwell, Create Thrive Grow


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