100 Happy Days: Day 94 – Difficult

Difficult things are easier to endure when friends and loved ones make sure we don't fall


Difficult is not an inherent quality.
Rather, difficult is a description
we assign to a task or experience.
Difficult varies from on person to the next.
And difficult varies within ourselves
at different times in life.


Some things are more difficult than others.
But one thing is consistent no matter what.
Facing difficult things alone is hard.
Alone, it is easy to convince ourselves
we might fall off the edge of the cliff at any moment.


On the other hand,
when we are surrounded by loving, caring people
they will raise their arms around us
and make sure that we don’t fall.


As I move through this day,
may I raise my arms
around others facing difficulties,
and may I seek out people to surround me as
I endure my own difficult moments.


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