100 Happy Days: Day 92 – May Peace Prevail

May Peace Prevail on Earth

May Peace Prevail

May we transform conflict in our heart.
May our thoughts be filled with love.
May our words inspire healing.
May our actions nurture life.


May we love ourselves gently.
May we grow and practice every day.
May we foster patience as we stumble.
May we honor our unique gifts to the world.


May we open ourselves to each other.
May we turn toward rather than away from each other.
May we listen to each other’s stories.
May we offer our support and presence to each other.
May we find courage to be with each others suffering.


May we unite as one global heart and mind.
May we uplift the love and harmony in each of us.
May we transcend our differences.
May we celebrate our common humanity.


May peace prevail on earth.


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