100 Happy Days: Day 91a – Flying

Spreading our wings to learn to fly requires persistence and a leap of faith


Baby bird, only days old,
eyes barely opened,
feathers barely acquired,
stands at the nest’s edge with wobbly knees,
calling out to its parents for support.


It flaps its wings to build strength.
It watches other birds flying.
But there is no substitute for experience.
At some point, baby bird must gather courage, and
take a leap of faith and jump from the nest.


At first, invariably, baby bird is klutzy.
But this does not deter baby bird.
It is a veritable bundle of persistence.
Before long, baby bird soars,
gracefully flying around the world across land and sea.


Today, like baby bird,
may I spread my wings and,
through persistence and
a leap of faith,
learn to fly.


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