100 Happy Days: Day 90 – Success Secret

Secret to Success: Let if roll off like water off a duck

Success Secret

The path toward success is not straight.
Twists, turns, bumps abound.
I remember Thomas Edison’s story —
He said that inventing the light bulb was not
a story about failure after,
but rather a story about
a 200 step process to success.


Each step along the way encompasses lessons.
I listen carefully,
allowing each step to inform the next step,
then success transforms from destination
to resilience, experience, and discovery.
Success is the journey itself.


Today I let the twists, turns and bumps
roll off like water off a duck,
not because I am avoiding them or shunning them,
but because it is the natural order of things.


Today I accept the twists, turns, and bumps
as an integral part of my path, and
as a significant component of my ultimate success.


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