100 Happy Days: Day 85 – Adventure

Adventure awakens us from stagnancy


Sometimes I sink so deeply into my everyday routines,
I unconsciously move from one task to the next.
I efficiently get things done,
but I don’t notice the beauty that surrounds me.
Life becomes stagnant.


But today I recommit myself to awakening.
I recommit to adventure.
I will shake up my routine.
I will experience something new
or revisit something I have not done recently.
And I will try a new twist on usual parts of my routine.


Fresh and varied experiences stimulate
me out of complacency.
My brain needs to concentrate to keep track of what’s next.
I am inspired to consider new possibilities,
to explore new understanding,
to discover new favorite things.


Today I am on an adventure.
Today I am awake.
Today my life is whole and complete.


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