100 Happy Days: Day 78

like young hawks, we need lots of practice to learn how to use our power gracefully

Happy Day 78: Using Power Gracefully

We have two juvenile Cooper’s hawks that have been spending a lot of time in our yard. As adults, these birds will have incredible power and grace. They will sit quietly and patiently, quietly and carefully observing their surroundings. Without warning, they will silently and powerfully swoop down to catch their next meal.

But for now, while they are young and inexperienced, these hawks are the antithesis of graceful. They call loudly, sometimes begging their parents for food and other times just seeming to exercise their voices and see what they can do. They are in constant motion, flying around from one tree to another.

Clownish and entertaining seem more apt words than powerful and graceful to describe these enthusiastic youngsters. I can relate to these juvenile birds in so many ways.  There are so many times that I feel rather klutzy and ungraceful as I attempt to navigate life’s challenges. I know the power is within each one of us to face difficult situations with grace and ease, but just as with the juvenile hawks, we need lots of practice.


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