100 Happy Days: Day 77

zentangle - generosity generates loving kindness

Happy Day 77: Generosity generates loving-kindness

My parents started collecting daylilies many years ago. They added a few here and a few there. Eventually they amassed over 200 different varieties. The explosion of color every July is mind blowing. Dad loves picking out new plants and he likes watering. Dad helps some with the weeding, but the majority has fallen on my mom. She is passionate about carefully tending to this stunning collection and she has done an amazing job for years. But, the never ending work has taken its toll over the years and more and more it was feeling like work and less like play. She has finally drawn a line and declared it to be more upkeep than she wants to handle.

So, they are scaling back their gardens significantly. But what to do with all the daylilies that will no longer fit in the smaller gardens? Some are being donated to the Daylily Society’s daylily sale. I transplanted lots into my gardens. But there are tons more than the Daylily Society or I can absorb.

Mom talked about composting the remaining plants. But this seemed very wrong. I was sure there were many gardeners that would be ecstatic to add some of these daylilies to their gardens. I asked if she would be open to me finding some people who would like to adopt some plants. Within a couple of hours I had over a dozen people who had stepped forward to express interest.

I spent a lot of time out at my parents’ house over the weekend greeting friends and helping to dig daylilies. Everyone was so happy and so full of smiles, hugs and laughter. I was grateful for my parent’s generosity. I was grateful for the opportunity to connect people with beautiful plants looking for new homes. And I was grateful for all the beautiful, positive energy this process generated. There was no doubt that all the loving kindness generated during this exchange would have a ripple effect and would carry over into other parts of everyone’s lives.


Side note: if you happen to be reading this in the Madison area, it isn’t too late to be part of all this good energy. There are still 12 plants looking to be adopted into loving homes. There is also a giant drift with literally hundreds of daylily plants (3 varieties) that also available for adoption.


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