100 Happy Days: Day 76

doodle Kids drawing - self care is a loving gift I give to myself

Happy Day 76a: Self care is self love

A client came to me looking for relief from her chronically tight shoulders and neck. She shared a story about how busy her life is and how she has difficulty finding time to take care of herself. The story was shared in the context of how wonderful the massage was feeling and how she would like to receive massages more regularly. She lamented about how after giving, giving, giving at work and then coming home and caring for her kids and her husband that there wasn’t any time or energy left to care for herself. She shared about how stressed out she is and how often she feels at the end of her rope with no patience left.

At this point, the conversation turned toward discussing connections between not caring for herself and her limitations to be a good parent, spouse and employee when she is stressed out and her body in pain from tension.

She loved the idea of shifting how she looks at self care away from simply another to-do list item she doesn’t have time for toward a loving gift she can choose to give herself as well as her loved ones and co-workers.

Doodle Kids zendala - practice noticing subtle cues makes it easier to return to peace

Happy Day 76b: How attentive are you to subtle cues you are unhappy?

Our body and emotions are constantly sending us cues, letting us know we are either at peace or suffering. But we often don’t pay attention. We cringe or contract slightly, we hold our breath, we feel slightly annoyed or put upon.

We either don’t notice the cues at all, or we push through thinking it will either pass soon or that we have no choice. But the cues don’t go away. They want/need our attention. They are just like little kids. If we address there needs up front, they quickly return to being happy, but if we don’t give them the attention they need, they get louder and louder and more and more insistent until we have no choice but to drop everything and pay attention to them.

And just like little kids, the more attentive we are to our body’s cues, the more able we are to address them and return to peace without great suffering.


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