100 Happy Days: Day 75

zendala - returning to our intentions helps bring us back toward center when we steer of course

Happy Day 75: Intentions Bring Us Back on Track

Sometimes when we are suffering it doesn’t seem obvious to us that we have steered off course. And sometimes it is even less obvious that if we return to our core intentions that this will help us to return to center.

This seems particularly true when our suffering appears to us to originate with things related to others that are out of our control. It is easy to feel trapped and to feel like a victim. We lose sight of our power to influence how we experience each moment.

There is nothing wrong with trapped or victim. They are a great cues to get our attention. When we notice these feelings we have a choice. We can either suffer, or we can step back and examine the roots of these feelings.

When we look at the layers behind feeling trapped and feeling like a victim, we might discover beliefs or patterns we run that are generating our suffering. Other times, as was the case on the day I drew this drawing, we realize that we have completely lost track of our intentions.

For me, on this day, returning to my intention to act from a place of loving kindness was the crack where the light got in. By consciously returning to this intention, I was able to consciously observe my choices moment by moment and evaluate them with respect to my intention before I acted. Trapped, victim, frustration, suffering dissipated. I felt lighter and more expansive.


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