100 Happy Days: Day 74

Doodle Kids drawing - trusting self says you are safe, let go; fearful self says hang on for dear life

Happy Day 74: What are your trusting and fearful voices saying?

The day I drew this drawing, I had received a massage. I was having an emotionally difficult day. My body reflected the complex emotions that filled my thoughts – a diverse concoction of fear, anger, confusion, resentment, disappointment, impatience, hurt, lonely, concerned, discouraged, overwhelmed, resistance. A massage was the perfect antidote to address the tension and unsettledness in my body.

My massage therapist declared that ‘let go’ was the theme for the day. Not too surprisingly, with the strong emotions floating around in my body, my system was somewhat resistant to surrendering and letting go. When working with this kind of a shift there is a constant dialogue between the current state and the new state we are working toward.

As I lay on the massage table I was present to the part of me that longed to accept the invitation to relax and let go, as well as the part of me that was quite determined that I might self destruct if I were to do that. My trusting self believed I was safe and encouraged me to let go. My fearful self however believed it was vital that I hang on for dear life.


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