100 Happy Days: Day 72

Doodle Kids zentangle - there is something to be said for not seeing all the food that you will eat during your life all at once

Happy Day 72: Have you ever felt like throwing up your hands in surrender and screaming, “OK Universe! Enough Already!!!” No sooner do you get through one ‘big’ thing than another ‘big’ thing happens. Sometimes ‘big’ things even overlap.

Overwhelmed is defined by a feeling of too much happening too fast – way more, way faster than we feel like we can handle comfortably either physically or emotionally. At the core is usually fears around I’m not good enough, I’m going to fail, or too much frustration, anger, sadness, grief building up to work through rapidly enough.

Too much to do… Too many decisions… Too much grief… Too many challenging people… Too many transitions… Too much uncertainty… Too many unknowns… Too many disappointments… Too much conflict… Too much worry… Too many surprises… Too much!!!

My therapist suggested a way to reframe this overwhelmed. She said, “at least when you are in the midst of one ‘big’ thing, you don’t know what the next ‘big’ thing is going to be. If you did, it would be like having to see all the food that you will eat in your entire lifetime all at the same time. Now that would be overwhelming!

“Try not to look at the whole mountain of food at once. When you look at the whole mountain, you will get lost in the panic and the rush in the race to devour the entire pile. But if you remain focused on only the current bite, you can fully appreciate its flavor, its texture, its smell, its attractive presentation. The process not only becomes manageable but enjoyable.”


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