100 Happy Days: Day 70

Doodle Kids Zentangle - the garden can serve as a peaceful refuge away from the rest of life

Happy Day 70: For several weeks now, I have been spending a fair bit of the weekend gardening. At first, I was aware of the garden being a source of overwhelmed and stress. I realize now that I was focused on the to do list, which seemed impossible. The weeds seem endless. There are more new plants to get in the ground to take over where weeds used to prevail. When I talked about the garden, ‘should’ and ‘have to’ crept into my words a lot.

But, sort of like sinking into meditation, as I settle more and more into the gardening, I am letting go of the stress, the overwhelmed, the should’s and the have to’s.

Now I look forward to retreating to the garden, imperfections, endless weeds and all. I’m outside. I am surrounded by green and colorful flowers. The birds are calling. The butterflies are flitting about. The patterns of sun and shade are constantly changing. My dog is keeping me company. I am creating beautiful spaces.

I am finally experiencing the garden as the peaceful refuge that it is. When I am here and mindfully present in the current moment, my soul overflows with joy and beauty. This is a space where the difficulties from the rest of life fade away. It is an escape to paradise, even with the weeds.


Side note: For anyone in Madison, or inclined to travel, my garden is always open to visitors, whether you want to stroll and soak in the views, sit and contemplate or walk the labyrinth. Call or message to arrange a visit.


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