100 Happy Days: Day 69

Doodle Kids Zentangle - the world becomes warm and soft when people reach out with compassion and love

Happy Day 69: I have never worked with a nicer, more efficient clinic than the sports medicine doctor that we are seeing about my daughter’s back. She has just diagnosed with spondylolysis. In lay terms one of the vertebrae in her low back has permanent breaks in it. This leaves her prone to back pain and vulnerable to further injury leading to a slipped disk in the future.

My daughter’s life so far has revolved around soccer and being active. In the confusion and newness of this diagnosis, the love and compassion shown by the clinic staff helped to calm us and soften the blow of the news.

They returned calls within minutes, rather than hours or days. And one nurse promptly offered to make phone calls to do some research for us, calling back with findings less than an hour later.

Their love and compassion softened and warmed our hearts, squelching fear before it had a chance to take root.


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