100 Happy Days: Day 67

When we embrace risk and the unknown, fear cannot take root

Happy Day 67: This was a day filled with uncertainty. My 16 year old daughter is an all around very active kid and avid soccer player, but she has been experiencing back pain for a couple of years now. Originally her doctor and physical therapist thought it was purely a muscular issue. But it has been going on long enough now, that they decided to take an x-ray and have her see a sports medicine doctor.

This was the day we met with the sports medicine doctor. He reported that the x-ray showed a possible malformation or fracture in one of her vertebrae. He was fairly sure, but wanted to do a CT scan to gather more information and confirm the diagnosis. The universe was on our side and we were able to get the scan the same day, but we would have to wait for the results.

While we were waiting for news from the doctor, it was easy to catastrophize and let thoughts wander to fearing all the things that she might not be able to do. The trick was to stick with being OK with not knowing what the diagnosis will actually be or what it will ultimately mean in terms of long terms restrictions or what the risk will be associated with various choices in the future.

When we embrace the unknown, it is not possible for fear to take root.


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