100 Happy Days: Day 63

It is difficult to trust and relax when part of us believes we must brace ourselves for life's next threat

Happy Day 63a: The day I drew this we had to take our 12 year old mini poodle into the vet. He had skipped all his meals the day before – quite concerning for a dog who is normally food obsessed – and he was very lethargic. It was Saturday and the vet’s schedule was full, but clearly he needed to be seen, so they told us to come in and wait and they would squeeze us in when they got a chance.

I decided to doodle while we waited. I checked in with the space to see what was present and this is what showed up. Clearly not a very happy feeling. But there is happiness in noticing and there was happiness in drawing, especially in making the darkness around the googly eyes. I never know quite how my drawings will turn out, and there is definite happiness in watching them emerge.

It is a drawing that has landed for many people with whom I have shared it. May their awakened awareness of how they brace themselves for life’s next threat bring an opportunity for a shift toward a more trusting and relaxed experience.

By the way, I am happy to report that with the help of antibiotics, the poodle is back to his usual self.


zentangle mandala- It is through imagination that dreams are born. Imagination manifests through seeing what is not there

Happy Day 63b: There are so many violent, depressing movies. The Magic of Belle Isle bucks this trend as a positive, uplifting, even humorous movie. The movie follows a burnt out older writer who moved in next door to a single mom and her three kids. The middle daughter is an aspiring young writer and adopts the newcomer as her mentor. In one of their ‘sessions’ he tells her to look down the street and to describe what is not there.




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