100 Happy Days: Day 62

Zentangle drawing - Is it an obstacle or merely part of the path?

zentangle drawing- imagine what becomes possible when we view stress as an adventure rather than an obstacle

Happy Day 62– On this day, a friend of mine had the courage to stretch herself and not only create but also share her first vlog. Both of my drawings this day were inspired by her stories.

So often when life gets complicated and we face difficult situations, our language becomes full of negativity and fear. We talk about stress and obstacles.

AJ’s vlog reminded me about reframing our perspective when we find ourselves getting lost in stress. What if the supposed obstacles are really just part of the path? What if it it is all about adventure rather than obstacles?

I am thankful for the reminders and the encouragement to practice my reframing skills.

Have you faced any stressful situations lately that could be reframed in this way?


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