100 Happy Days: Day 61

Zentangle drawing - Sometimes looking back helps us to appreciate just how far we have really come

Happy Day 61: On this day, I got together with a teacher/mentor/friend of mine. We talked about many things – one of those happy encounters where hours pass without realizing it. One of our areas of exploration was old experiences re-examined with new eyes.

Intellectually I know that I have grown a lot as a massage therapist and as a person over the last seven years. But I don’t think about it often, and I rarely stop to reflect on the transformation. We so often are reminded to live in the present moment, or to just look forward because what’s in the past is in the past. I full-heartedly support these ideas. But today it was also useful to look back and gain a new sense of awe and wonder about my path. It gives me hope for facing future challenges. It gives me courage to believe in what it possible.

I’m not advocating living in the past. Rather just briefly pausing and looking back to appreciate and acknowledge the view.



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