100 Happy Days: Day 45

Zentangle mandala - Unique is beautiful and imperfect is unique, therefore imperfect is beautiful

Happy Day 45: You never know when happy moments will drop in… or apparently when geometry theorems you learned over 30 years ago will reappear in your life. While I was showering thoughts about accepting and embracing imperfections in myself and others were floating in my head. And then ‘if A=B and B=C then A=C’ popped in. Next came ‘imperfect= unique and unique = beautiful therefore imperfect = beautiful’.

The concept totally lands for me and I love the image of the imperfect circles that dropped in with it. I felt the expansiveness and comfort that dropped in with it too. But I admit that I am also present to recognizing that completely implementing this will require a lot of practice, especially for long entrenched patterns where parents are involved and inner child feels hurt. In the meantime, I’m working to love myself for my own imperfections around letting my inner child’s hopes and expectations go.





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