100 Happy Days: Day 22

zentangle mandala - may your life be like a wildflower growing freely in the joy and beauty of each dayNow that our basement remodeling project is finally done, the spring bird migration is mostly past and it is finally getting warmer outside, I have been focusing on working in our gardens. At times I feel completely overwhelmed and question why I prefer garden to easy mow grass. But most of the time, I love all the patterns, textures, colors and smells of the plants. I love gardening as a time for mindfulness. I love the sense of accomplishment when a plant thrives, and how nice things look right after weeding. And I love how many metaphors for life emerge from the plants and from the gardening process.

“May your life be like a wildflower growing freely in the joy and beauty of each day.” I love thinking about living freely, joyfully like a beautiful wildflower.

Today irises, columbine, golden alexander, shooting stars, hairy penstemon, and bleeding hearts are blooming in my garden. Purple, red, yellow, white, pink bursts of joyful color. Tall stalks freely and playfully blowing in the wind. Ah, to fill life with bright colors, spontaneous fun, and the flexibility to adapt and be resilient in response to passing winds… It is good to spend time with wildflowers so they can remind me of my intentions.

What have the wildflowers taught you?

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