100 Happy Days: Day 18

wifi and ipad make it possible to work outside

Sometimes technology drives me batty, but today it was a definite happy thing. My WI-FI and my iPad allowed me to be out in my backyard enjoying warmth, green and bird calls while I worked. And they connected me with friends near and far like Nilisha and Delia, who took advantage of the internet to let me know about an RSA Animate video about what motivates us and an NPR column called Krulwich Wonders that had fun drawings and shared evidence that some bird species use names to identify each other, which in turn led me to another animated video that Krulwich had shared created by a young woman who loves to draw and make films, Xiangjun Shi. Once I was on vimeo, some more general exploring landed me on a fun short film titled “Drawing.” I have included the article link and videos here for your enjoyment.

Krulwich Wonders: a NPR science blog
Little Bird Either Learns its Name or Dies

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us from RSA Animate on YouTube.

Why Do I Study Physics? (2013) from Xiangjun Shi on Vimeo.


Drawing from Mickael Le Goff on Vimeo.