100 Happy Days: Day 100 – Peace



Sometimes I pretend to be a woodpecker
(specifically a pileated woodpecker
in case you were wondering).
Life as a woodpecker is SO peaceful.


I get to live amongst magnificent pines.
I get to create drumming music
that can be heard throughout the forest.
At night, I fall asleep listening
to the breezes rustling the pine needles.
In the morning, I rise at first light
when the lake is so still that it is impossible
to distinguish between reflection and trees.


In spring there is nothing more cheerful
than my bird friends’ happy banter.
In summer the lily pads produce
an amazing bouquet at my doorstep.
In fall the fabulous color display
warms my heart.
And in winter the quiet solitude of
falling snow comforts me.


Would you like to be a woodpecker with me?


copyright 2014, Heather Maxwell, Create Thrive Grow


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