100 Happy Days: Day 10

Happy Day 10a Happy Day 10b

Both of my Happy Day sketches today derived from sessions with clients.

The Om Namah Shivaya mandala dropped in during a massage session. There are many translations for the sanskrit mantra Om Namah Shivaya. The one that speaks to me is “I honor the divinity within me.” Loving and honoring myself is something doesn’t come easily for me. Being hard on myself somehow comes more easily. I see this in many of my clients as well. Not too surprising. Our culture seems to be inclined toward judgement, comparisons and negativity and so we invariably get lots of practice being hard on ourselves and others. And given this is what we practice, this is what we are good at and what comes easily. The good news is that once we are consciously aware of this pattern in ourselves, we have the opportunity to practice a new pattern. When I am gentle with myself, when I honor myself, and when I recognize the divinity within me I am happy and feel light, open, expansive.

The ‘I am happy when’ drawing arose during an intuitive session. My client was unhappy with some things in her life and was unsure about what changes she could make to shift this. A question that presented itself what ‘What are you doing when you are really happy?’ I could so relate to this question. It wasn’t so long ago that I was so bought into looking outside myself for happiness and reassurance (completely unconsciously of course), that I had absolutely no clue how to answer this question. I was so caught up in doing what I thought I should do and needed to do, that I never stopped to consider what I would do if I approached each moment assessing how happy was, and making life choices based on what makes me happy. I was so disconnected from my body that I was unaware of when my system expanded and contracted.

The sentence seems so simple. I am so happy when ________. But how often do you really consider this question? How often do you experience happiness? How often do you honor yourself and allow your passions to be your guide as you navigate through each day?

Not so long ago, my response to these questions would have been something like, “whatever. That might work for someone else, but not me.” Many intuitive sessions and transformational bodywork sessions later however, I am more aware of my patterns and the stories I tell myself that have generated these beliefs. The wonderful news is that I have experienced amazing shifts and I know without a doubt that each and every one of us has the same capacity to awaken and progressively experience greater and greater joy and happiness.

I am honored to be part of this journey with my massage and intuitive support clients, as well as with the DoodleKids community.

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